Septic Tank Materials: 3 Options

If you are in the process of choosing a new type of septic tank for your home, as well as deciding between chemical and sand treatment and filter systems, you will also need to decide on the kind of material will be used to construct the tank. Each type of material offers a range of benefits and disadvantages. Below is a guide to 3 popular choices.

A concrete septic tank

The big advantage of opting for a concrete septic tank is that it can be poured and moulded into a wide range of shapes. This means you can construct a septic tank which will fit perfectly into any area of your property and can be made it fit around any existing utility lines. It also means you can make sure that the custom made tank can contain an adequate volume of waste water. 

However, the disadvantage of using concrete is that it is a porous material, which will absorb water. If the concrete water absorbs water, it will begin to weaken and decay. To prevent this, you will need to line the tank in order to protect the surface of the concrete. This lining will need to be periodically checked and repaired or replaced.

A steel septic tank

A major benefit of installing a steel septic tank is that it is a very lightweight solution, which means they can be easily installed on your property. However, over time, a steel septic tank may be at risk of corrosion. To prevent this, you will need to paint the inside of the tank using a special sealant. Joins and connecting parts of a steel septic tank are particularly at risk of rust and corrosion, so you may wish to invest in a tank which has been manufactured using a single piece of metal. 

A plastic or fibreglass septic tank

Plastic or fibreglass septic tanks are super lightweight which makes them a piece of cake to install or to move from one area to another. However, while the reduced weight of plastic or fibreglass tanks allows increased manoeuvrability, it also places the tank at increased risk of damage, caused by the weight of the surrounding ground. However, plastic and fibreglass are not at any risk of corrosion or leaks.

If you would like further help and information, you should contact a professional septic tank service. A contractor will be happy to discuss your current setup before offering further advice.