Guide to Sewage and Drain Backup

You've wrapped up a wonderful day at work, and you're eager to get home to your wife and kids. However, you're greeted by an anxious family; something's not right. You head down into the basement and suddenly, you're ankle-deep in sewage. Raw, disgusting sewage. How did this happen? And, more importantly, what can you do to fix it and make sure it never happens again?

There are many reasons for sewage backup. Most commonly, backup is a direct result of something solid making its way into your drain pipes and blocking off the normal flow of water. Other things like excessive hair, grease or dirt can also contribute to the problem.

Another culprit of your sewage backup could be that big, beautiful oak tree in your backyard. Tree roots don't care if they wind around sewage pipes as they grow. They exert pressure that's too much for your pipes to stand, and they can cause pipes to crack and break very easily. Sometimes roots even get inside the sewage pipes and directly block them with their sheer size.

Sewage pipes also get old. If there were structural defects to begin with, time will make them even more pronounced. However, even if they were perfect when they were embedded in the ground, older pipes can collapse, crack, or develop large holes that will cause a sewage backup.

The good news is that the water that's backed up is usually only coming from your own home; it's a small measure of comfort, at least. The amount of water that's backed up is directly proportional to the amount of water you're using, too. If you turn off all water sources, it's likely to begin to drain, but that won't fix the underlying problem.

It looks like this is a job for professionals, so it's time to call in the experts. Since waste water systems are usually complex, you could actually do more damage by attempting to fix the problem yourself. Companies who specialize in sewage backup and water damage restoration services know what to look for, how to get to it, and how to fix your problem.

Typically, a sewage and drain backup service will first advise you to get your belongings out of harm's way; more water may be coming, and you need to be prepared. They'll schedule an appointment to come to your home so that they can determine the cause and what needs to be done to repair everything that's been damaged. After they've gotten your approval, work will begin -and your pipes will soon be as good as new.

Although sometimes it's unavoidable, knowing the common causes of sewage backup and the resulting water damage will help you prevent it from happening in your home again. When it does happen, though, it's important to know that choosing a professional restoration expert will make all the difference in the world.